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    The parent meeting for



    Thursday, October 25, 2018
    at 7:00 p.m.
    in Room 236. 

    This program focuses on physical growth and human development during puberty. 

    Please try to attend this very informative meeting.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    UPK will be celebrating Character Day

    October 19, 2018

    Dear Parents:

    On Wednesday, October 31st, the UPK will be celebrating Character Day.   Students may have the option to wear costumes representing their favorite literary character.  For safety reasons, students are not permitted to wear masks, face paint, or capes.  Also, students should wear costumes that do not restrict or limit them from normal classroom activity.

    In addition, classroom activities are scheduled to take place.  “Goodie bags” are not permitted due to the need to check all contents for each bag.  However, “activity bags” may provide a positive alternative in place of bags containing food, as long as the items are labeled suitable for students of the given age.  Parents must communicate with the classroom teacher regarding any and all items brought in.

    We look forward to an engaging and creative day for all involved!


    Jacob M. Russum

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Island Park students zone in on safety

    Safety is a priority in the Island Park Public Schools, and recent programs presented opportunities for students to brush up on important practices and rules that support overall wellness. Students at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Pre-K students at Lincoln Orens Middle School attended fire safety sessions, and both schools held internet safety presentations.

    Members of the Island Park Fire Department visited the Pre-K and elementary classes on Oct. 5, when they discussed what to do in case of emergencies. They explained the functions of fire detection alarms and other safety devices, and reviewed when to call 911. Children then toured the fire trucks and explored how the firefighters act fast to help stop disasters and save lives.

    Internet safety assemblies were held at Lincoln Orens on Oct. 4 and 5, and those at Hegarty took place on Oct. 11 and 12. School social workers and administrators focused on measures that students should take to protect themselves online. They covered anti-bullying strategies and responsible internet use, with age-appropriate lessons for each grade level.

    Earlier this school year, Hegarty held its annual bus safety drill during the first week of school to serve as a reminder for bus rules. Drivers and staff members emphasized the importance of wearing seatbelts and remaining seated on the bus, and also led practices in emergency exits.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Scheduled for Friday, November 2, 2018 


    Wednesday, November 21, 2018 

    Dismissal will occur 15 minutes prior to the normal dismissal time and students will be guided through an evacuation routine. 

    There are NO  LOMS activities after school; and There will be NO late buses on this day.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Emergency Evacuation/Early Dismissal Drills

    Lincoln Orens Middle School

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardisn(s):

    As Part of a State Mandated Emergency Plan, we are required to conduct two Emergency Evacuation/Early Dismissal Drills. Dismissal will occur 15 minutes prior to the normal dismissal time and students will be guided through an evacuation routine. There are no activities after school and no late buses on these days.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    UPK Registration, Thurs Oct. 4

    An unexpected UPK vacancy has occurred. The new Registration date to fill this place is Thursday, October 4, at FXH Elementary School.
    If the district receives more than 1 application, the Board will have a special meeting to conduct a lottery drawing of all eligible students.

    See attached for details...

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Monday, October 15, 2018 (UPK & LOMS)
    Monday, October 22, 2018 (FXH)

    Monday, December 3, 2018 (FXH, UPK & LOMS)

    On Monday, October 15th & Monday, October 22th the PTA will be sponsoring school pictures.  Your child will be photographed individually as well as with his/her class (class pictures are for Pre-K through 5th grade students only).  All students will have an individual picture taken for school records, even if a package is not purchased.

    If your child is absent, another opportunity will be available on picture retake day, which is scheduled for Monday, December 3rd for FXH, UPK & LOMS.

    Kindly follow the directions on the attached order form. We are using “Irvin Simon Photographers.”

    Payment and order form is due back on Picture Day.  Portrait packages will be printed only for students paying on PHOTO DAY.

    If your child does not have their order form and payment with them on Picture Day, their picture will only be taken for school records.  They will then have to return on picture retake day with their order form and payment.

    If you would like to volunteer for Picture Day or have any questions, please contact:

    LOMS & UPK - CoChairs
    TinaMarie Ruzicka, (516) 924-5739 or Cathie Hall (516) 713-1487

    FXH -CoChairs
    TinaMarie Ruzicka, (516) 924-5739 or Clorinda Fabris (516) 695-3169

    Thank you. 


    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Extra Curricular Activities

    The Island Park Lincoln Orens Middle School is once again offering a rich and varied program of extra-curricular activities for our children. Below is a full listing of our extra-curricular offerings for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Extracurricular Programs

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    Attached you will find information related to our Extracurricular Programs. This includes all clubs, morning and after-school activities (with the exception of athletics).

    See attached to read more…


    Lincoln Orens Middle School
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    Gym Clothing

    Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s) of Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8:

    Beginning in grade 6, our students are expected to change into “gym clothing” for their Physical Education classes. This requirement addresses issues related to basic hygiene. These concerns have indicated the need for specific attire to be worn during physical activities when young adults are prone to perspire. Therefore, students will be expected to wear navy blue mesh shorts (7” seam) and a grey short-sleeved cotton tee shirt during Physical Education classes.

    See attached to read more…


    Lincoln Orens Middle School
  • Spots Available Universal Pre-Kindergarten

    September 21, 2018

    Dear Parents and Community Members,

    One place is now available for parents interested in enrolling their eligible child in the District’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten for the 2018-19 school year.

    The program is a full-day, five days per week program for children turning four-years old by December 1, 2018. Children must also reside within the Island Park School District and meet all health and immunization requirements. Enrollment is limited so get your application in today and attend UPK registration!  

    UPK registration will be on October 4, by appointment only. Please call Francis X. Hegarty School 434-2670/71 between 8am-4pm for your registration packet and to schedule an appointment.

    The day of your appointment, please bring:

    • Child’s Birth Certificate confirming your child will be four years of age on or before December 1, 2018.
    • 3 Proofs of Residency confirming you are a full-time resident of Island Park (e.g., driver’s license, telephone bill, deed to home, bank statement, etc.).
    • Updated physical and immunization documents from your child’s pediatrician.

    If more applications are received than slots available, a special board meeting will be held at a later date. Please call (516) 434-2670 for additional information.

    Should other openings occur during the school year, those children not selected at the lottery will be notified in the order in which their name was selected.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Island Park Schools.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School
  • Lincoln Orens Middle School eighth-graders graduate with big goals

    On the evening of June 20, Island Park’s eighth-graders showed that they were ready to take on their dreams and embark upon the challenges and opportunities of high school. Members of the district’s Board of Education, administration and staff, along with students’ families, gathered in the Steven L. Foster Auditorium for the 56th annual commencement ceremony, as the graduates took the spotlight on their middle school stage one last time.

    A slideshow of photo memories played as guests took their seats, and the event kicked off with the Graduation Orchestra’s performance of the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” and a salute to the American flag. Lincoln Orens Middle School Principal Bruce Hoffman welcomed the students and audience members and introduced Outstanding Achievement Award recipients Elsy Guzman-Amaya, Robert Adler and Victoria Lugo, who discussed the Class of 2018’s past, present and future, respectively.

    The ceremony featured an awards presentation during which 25 eighth-graders were recognized by district and community organizations for their academic excellence, musical talent, athletic skill, school involvement, volunteer efforts and overall good character.

    Members of the chorus performed a “Count on Me” song medley, which signified this milestone as they head into different futures as individuals, with the support of one another.

    The highlight of the event was the much-anticipated presentation of diplomas by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino and Board of Education President Jack Vobis. Students were called up one-by-one to accept this token of their accomplishments.

    Immediately following this exciting moment, the Lincoln Orens Color Guard conducted the Transfer of Colors, at which time the graduates turned their flags and sashes over to their younger seventh-grade successors. The Color Guard Band provided accompanying music.

    As the event concluded, Dr. Bovino addressed the students and expanded upon the motivation that they already have within themselves. She discussed themes that Class of 2018 members unveiled in autobiographies that they completed in Gabriel D’Auria’s English language arts class, such as their families, friends, goals and strategies for achievement. She noted that they shared aspirations to become doctors, professional athletes, teachers, lawyers, architects, CEOs, mechanics, biochemists, singers, designers, personal trainers, bloggers and many other professions.

    “These are great long-term goals,” Dr. Bovino said. “I was impressed that you all said you were committed to doing your jobs well. The best result to look forward to is knowing that, someday, others will respect you for the work that you do.”

    Lincoln Orens Middle School

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MySchoolBucks is an online payment system that makes school meal payments easy for busy parents on-the-go! Quickly and securely add money to your student's school meal account using your credit or debit card. 
See PDF:    MySchoolBucks.pdf 

Island Park Schools
New Point of Sale System – WebSMARTT 

  • Island Park UFSD has purchased a point-of-sale system for use in the cafeterias at FX Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School.
  • The POS system, called WebSMARTT, will eliminate the pencil to paper meal tracking, which will allow for processing of meal transactions to be completed quickly and efficiently.

See PDF:    WebSMARTT.pdf 

Vincent Randazzo, Assistant Superintendent
See report:   Chronic Absenteeism.pdf  

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Community Letter WHHS

The following letters have been mailed to all members of the community and should be received by Saturday (7/14) or Monday (7/16).

See letters: 
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High School Plans WHHS.pdf ) ( High School Plans WHHS Spanish.pdf )

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