The Island Park Lincoln Orens Middle School is once again offering a rich and varied program of extra-curricular activities for our children.  Below is a full listing of our extra-curricular offerings for the 2017 - 2018 school year.

BANDGrades 5 & 6…Club advisor,  Mr. Blanco                                        

Attending weekly band rehearsals will provide the opportunity to meld the various musical instruments into a cohesive sounding unit to prepare for the spring concert.  In addition, rehearsals are vital to the development of one’s musicianship and will promote the success of the Lincoln Orens Middle School Band.   Grade 5/6 band students are required to attend at least one weekly rehearsal (Wednesday or Thursday), but are welcome to attend both, if they choose, in order to perform in the spring concert.   Failure to attend more than four rehearsals may result in being excluded from the concert.  If a student is absent from school, he/she is excused from attending rehearsal on that day.

Grades 5-8…Club advisor, Mrs. Davis

Student members get opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills through the operation of a service club.  Planning and execution of various community service projects, weekly meetings, and social activities help the student officers and member prepare for high school.   Interpersonal communication skills, the importance of values, inclusiveness, teamwork and character building are all included in the programs’ learning goals.

- Grades 6 – 8 ....  Club advisor,  Mrs. Beth Peckham                                

Students will be cooking and baking many delicious snacks and main dishes.

Based on registration, club may be organized into multiple sections.   Due to this club’s popularity, please submit registration early since class size is limited.

CHESS CLUB:    Grades 5-8…Club advisor,  Mr. Clifton                                 

Chess players with all levels of experience are welcome to participate in Chess Club. Students will learn the rules, tactics and strategies of chess and play games with other members.   See Mr. Clifton if you have questions!    

COMPUTER CLUB – LEGO ROBOTICS  - Beginners & Advanced Grades 5 – 8                     Club advisors, Mrs. Chu and Mr. Ferrante

Computer Club will be focused on Robotic competitions.   This year, we will again be sending teams to the Adelphi University Lego Competition and we will also be looking at other 1st Lego League challenges.

- Grades 5- 8 Band Members...Club advisor, Ryan Walter

Marching Band is EASY and FUN!  Interested band students will meet to rehearse music to prepare for parades and special events, including the Island Park Memorial Day Parade.

MATH OLYMPIADS - Grades 5 - 8.... Club advisor, Mrs. Krukas

Club members will serve as the LOMS Team to compete in the regional Mathematics Olympiad.  All competitions are held during club time in the middle school and team members are recognized for their participation and achievements.  Students will work by themselves and in groups to solve interesting math problems and play fun math games each week.

MODEL/3-D PRINTING CLUB  - Grades 5-8…Club advisor – Mr. Jahn

Club members will be using their creative and technical skills to create 3-dimensional models and also use the 3-D printers to create original pieces.

Grades 5-8 – Club Advisor, Mrs. Augello     

Club members learn ways to apply conflict resolution skills, stress management skills and stress reduction activities to their life. These activities will help club members learn more about what stress is, and how to effectively manage stress at school and in their personal life. Students will learn how to relax and unwind from their day and become aware of how beneficial this is to the teenage brain and body.

PHOTOGRAPHY  CLUB - Grades 5 – 8…Club advisor,  Mr. Jahn                          

See the world in a whole new way.   Students will learn the basic of taking good photos, including subject matter, composition, perspective, lighting and focus.  Digital photography will be used exclusively in the club.   Students will also use Photoshop on the computer to modify and enhance their photos.   Students will also be expected to take photographs at other times during the week which will be viewed at the meeting.   Students should be prepared to bring a digital camera to Photography Club.

Grades 6-8… Club advisor, Mrs. Sefchek        

Looking to be the next Einstein?  Introduction to Science Research Club gives students the opportunity to conduct scientific research, carry out experiments, and/or design inventions according to their interests.

  - Grades 5 - 8.... Club advisor – Mrs. Mendes

Are you good at mind games?  Challenge your friends to a game of strategy.   The object is simple.  Make a word using letter tiles of different values and connect it to a word on the board.   The one with the highest score wins.  Come learn a new game or improve your game…everyone is welcome!   

- Grades 5 - 8.... advisor, Mr. Walter                   

The Senior String Orchestra is a club open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who play a string instrument.   This club is a rehearsal setting in which students will prepare music for the Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and Graduation.   Senior String Orchestra will meet on Thursday Mornings from 8:00 – 8:40 a.m.   In this club, students will be learning music concepts, as well as how to play their instrument.   Each student will be expected to practice their instruments and participate in rehearsals.   Grade 5 students can sign up for Jr. String Orchestra.

 - Grades 5 - 8.... Club advisors:  Ms. Betancourt,     

  Mrs. Mendes

Student Council gives students an opportunity to exhibit school spirit, participate in a student government, become involved in the community and plan activities for our school.   Students participating may have a flair for the arts, strong leadership skills, and an interest in helping others or ideas for fundraising.   Students will help make changes inside and out of our school community.